Monday, July 07, 2008


A few weeks after the Shakespeare dream, I had the Chaucer dream

I'm among several people standing in the aisle of an Amtrak train-car. It isn't clear why we are standing up; we don't seem to be waiting to use the bathroom, and there are plenty of empty seats. In fact, I do have a seat to return to, which I imagine is true also for the three or four other standees.

As I stand there on the train, my thoughts are about how I would love to immerse myself in the study of British Literature of the Middle Ages. I murmur the word "daughter" as I am pretty sure it would be pronounced in Middle English--with the "gh" forming a "ch" shound like Yiddish chutzpah or Scottish loch. A woman standing near me comprehends my quiet utterance perfectly--she says to me, "you like Chaucer, don't you?" I say, yes I do.

She is wearing a very cheery blouse, with a white background and large patches of bright color. We talk in the aisle for a while, then I follow her to her seat. I don't necessarily sit down next to her, probably I sit in the row of seats behind her. As we are getting seated, I notice that she is wearing a wedding ring, and I'm dissapointed, as I had so much wanted to ask this balanced, erudite, delightful woman on a date. (I noticed also that she wore another ring on the middle finger of her opposite hand).

As we speak further, I learn that she is an expert on male sexuality and the misadventures thereof. This becomes another reason I would like to have her as a friend--at some point she could provide much-needed guidance/information in regard to such matters.

note: some time after dreaming the dream I realized that "daughter" as I pronounced it on the train--dauCH-ter--suggests also "doctor". (& btw, when I consulted a Middle English glossary I noted that the M.E. word was not "daughter" but "doghter").

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Saturday, July 05, 2008


Poor Betsy R. & John H., they've gotten fewer votes than the King

There was a Fun Item on Daily Kos yesterday, July 4th, wherein "kossacks" were polled regarding "who would you rather have an ale with", the choices being Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Betsy Ross, George Washington, Sam Adams, Ben Franklin, Abigail Adams, John Hancock, and King George III. (To find this poll you'll have to go to the bottom of the Kos permalink page I've linked).

Benjamin Franklin was the clear winner. Some people in the comments section said that they'd like to observe how such a physically ungainly man was so attractive to the Ladies.

My choice, though it was not provided as an option, would be to have an ale with Abigail and John Adams together. I would love to catch a glimpse of what all reports say was an exquisite and powerful companionship.

And the next time-travel project after that: a beer with Walt Whitman and Peter Doyle.

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