Saturday, April 07, 2012


Clearing My Throat...

It's been a weight on me for a long time that I have stopped blogging...I've had my reasons, but I should not have let them conquer me!

For instance...I have been disheartened by what has been going on in the Internet universe that any blog is a part of, especially Ron Silliman's calling a halt to commenting/conversation on Silliman's Blog, (and, what's worse, his destruction of the record of all such previous discourse); and the painful shriveling of the Buffalo Poetics List to ALMOST NOTHING (which amazingly I don't see anyone talking about).

For two or three years, I have been back in Buffalo, where I studied English at SUNY/Buffalo in the 70s, and this return provides me with so so much to talk about...and I haven't known where to begin!

[Geez!--I'm the sort of person who sees good things as a problem!]

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