Monday, August 02, 2010


a season-word saves me

A season-word saves me--that is, I hope, from the not-particularly-vibrant nature of the first-draft [it turns out] haiku I posted a few days ago, about a haiku-book stuck in an un-opening desk drawer. I was at a birthday party yesterday, and started to speak of the stuck drawer because I wanted to speak of the trapped book, and probably about trying to write about it...Somebody in the room informed me that in summer the lid of a drawer can swell, so one option I have is to wait for the change of seasons. I appreciated the scientific enlightenment, and the conversation swerved so I never completed the rest of the little story.

So on the way home I was thinking, yes it's certainly good practice for a haiku to have a season-word, and in fact, I had already been lamenting not having such a word in this, probably my first attempt ever to write one, so how the lines might read [after exploring several different possibilities], could be:

Hopeless tugs on handle,
Summer's swelling, Beary's sparkle
Caught in unbudging drawer!

So now my First Haiku's not so bad, I believe [and please don't tell me, a haiku has to be exactly 5-7-5, that's ignorant]. I don't know if these three lines have any place within the community of poems I've published, or would like to see published--or for that matter, what the title, if any, could possibly be.

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